About PocketList

PocketList is set to redefine the premium automotive sales industry. By leveraging the reach and audience of some of the world's largest automotive experts, we're not only creating an environment for both longtime car enthusiasts and those just starting out, but also driving greater visibility and higher bids for your vehicle.

Our mission is to reinvigorate automotive sales, making them more thrilling and engaging for fans of all ages. With live online auctions happening around the globe, PocketList is bringing the exhilaration of bidding on vehicles to a broader audience than ever before.

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PocketList Team

Jeremy Crane
Co-Founder & Team Principal

Jeremy Crane partnered with Phil Wilson to launch PocketList using his experience building apps and websites for the worlds most prominent brands, like Snap, ICON Aircraft, Acura, IBM, SpinLaunch, and more, through his design studio Jaqson Studios.

Phil Wilson
Co-Founder & Team Principal

Phil Wilson partnered with Jeremy Crane to launch PocketList using his experience in the elite automotive industry having worked for O'Gara Coach Beverly Hills, Ferrari Beverly Hills, and then his A-list celebrity and high- and ultra-high net-worth client dealership, PW Sportscars.