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About the PocketList Points Program for Automotive Collectors

The PocketList Points program is designed to fuel your passion for automotive collecting by offering a wide range of rewards tailored to your interests. Earn points on most everyday purchases and redeem them for exclusive automotive experiences, collector's items, or even redeem as cash as a PocketList Visa® Rewards card. With no expiration dates and no limit on the points you can earn, PocketList Points makes it easy and enjoyable to indulge in your love for cars without any constraints.

How the Program Works

We believe in simplicity.



Simply use the PocketList platform and watch your PocketList Points grow. The best part? There's no limit to how many points you can accumulate, and you'll never have to worry about expiration dates. Enjoy the endless possibilities of enhancing your automotive collecting experience.



The PocketList Points program presents a diverse range of outstanding rewards, catering specifically to the automotive collecting community. From travel to exclusive experiences, and everything in between – use PocketList Points on the rewards that matter most to you and your automotive passion.



Simply log in to your account to redeem PocketList Points. With countless ways to utilize points – from unique collector's items to unforgettable experiences – the PocketList Points program helps create even more memorable moments for automotive enthusiasts.

Earn Points

Never Miss Out on Pocket List Points

Accumulate PocketList Points effortlessly when you interact on the PocketList Platform-be it adding vehicles, bidding on auctions, or purchasing CarFax® reports. Building your points balance is just that simple, keeping you consistently engaged with your automotive collecting passion.

Ways to Earn Points

Join PocketList
  • Join PocketList for Free
  • Earn at least one PocketList Point for every elibible dollar you spend, staying constantly connected to your automotive collecting pursuits.
  • Benefit from additional PocketList Points by interacting on the PocketList Platform.
  • Discover if you're eligible to earn points by referring a friend. Points will be awarded for approved referrals, expanding your network of fellow automotive enthusiasts.
Enroll in PocketList Offers

PocketList Offers is a straightforward and enjoyable way to enhance your automotive collecting experience. With offers tailored to shopping, collecting, and more, there's something to suit every collector's taste.

Log into your account online and keep an eye out for PocketList Offers that reward you with valuable PocketList Points.

Explore Your Rewards

There are countless ways to maximize the value of your PocketList Points, tailored specifically for automotive collectors.

PocketList Visa® Rewards

Experience the convenience of using your PocketList Points to cover your purchases. Obtain a PocketList Visa® Rewards card by redeeming your points for cash value. Log in to your account online to instantly redeem for a card and have your card mailed to your address of choice.

PocketList Visa® Rewards
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Unlock Global Automotive Experiences

Redeem your PocketList Points for an array of exclusive global automotive experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of cars by attending international auto shows, getting behind the wheel at renowned racetracks, or visiting iconic automotive museums. With PocketList Points, you have the key to a world of unforgettable moments tailored to automotive enthusiasts like you.

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Discover Unique Collector's Items

Use your PocketList Points to acquire rare and sought-after collector's items that celebrate your automotive passion. From vintage car parts and limited-edition memorabilia to signed artwork and model cars, PocketList Points opens the door to an extensive range of exclusive pieces that elevate your collection and showcase your love for the automotive world.